6 Simple (and Free) Ways to Support a Freelancer

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Like buying local produce, a freelancer near you offers a fresh and innovative performance. Freelancers go above and beyond for you, no matter their niche. They cherish your business, and you can rest knowing your interactions with them will reflect how much they care. Reasons you should support local people aside, doing so may be more accessible than ever. The best part is that the internet has made it insanely simple to share how we feel about various services and products. However, online Continue Reading

5 Ways to Calm Nerves Before Your Next Big Meeting

how to prep for a meeting

Your big, important meeting is coming up -- whether for your next big book deal, a second interview for your dream job or a presentation for your passion project -- and you're nervous. 
Knots form in your stomach, it becomes hard to swallow. Your hands are clammy, your chest tight, and your shoulders feel tense.  Every once in a while your heart picks up the pace and you find yourself actively attempting to slow the rhythm using breathing techniques or other tricks you've learned over the years. Continue Reading

5 Instagram Tips for New Bloggers

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Instagram may not have always been the best social media outlet for bloggers, particularly because of the visual nature of the app and lack of link placement options, but it is quickly becoming more useful. 
*Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. 
As you probably know, when you grow your blog you have to wear multiple hats. You're a writer, editor, producer, accountant, advertiser, networker, affiliate, marketer, and social media specialist. (Plus, more). 
Instagram, Continue Reading