7 Reasons to Hire a Writing Coach

writing coach
Through my past five years working as a freelance writer and editor, I continuously notice creatives want to pick my brain. Writers may not understand what an editor's job entails or new self-publishing authors don't always know how the process works. But most people are looking for motivation, inspiration, support, and justification in their project. They want to know if the story they're working on is worth the effort because either they're new to the industry or unsure of their skills. Continue Reading

5 Instagram Tips for New Bloggers

instagram tips

Instagram may not have always been the best social media outlet for bloggers, particularly because of the visual nature of the app and lack of link placement options, but it is quickly becoming more useful. 
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As you probably know, when you grow your blog you have to wear multiple hats. You're a writer, editor, producer, accountant, advertiser, networker, affiliate, marketer, and social media specialist. (Plus, more). 
Instagram, Continue Reading