I’ve been writing and editing full time since 2015.

My experience covers a wide range. I write, edit, and strategize both short and long form content. The work I do often includes conceptualization, conducting SEO research to optimize online performance, and coordinating content expectations with a small team of writers. I also have experience editing print journalism, commerce and editorial articles, and novels.

Niches: Health and wellness, sustainability, lifestyle, education, home, and personal development.

Experience: Blogs and articles, websites, newsletters, landing pages, ads, and social media.

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Blogs & Articles

Sometimes industry experts have a lot of value to share, but they may not always know how to get the information online without sounding like a research paper. That’s where I come in! I write, edit, and revise articles to better focus on the story—like this article for Dr. Christianson and Integrative Healthcare.

I also have experience working with mental health experts like Humantold, where I revise and re-form their in-depth and crucial industry knowledge into a skimmable, easy-to-digest blog posts for readers seeking online help for the first time.

The writing tips I post to Medium via The Writing Cooperative are designed to help authors create stellar stories, like this article that’s earned 19.2k views to date.

In this how-to article on Rainwater Harvesting for Carbon Forest, I dive into a complex climate change topic using straightforward language. Combined with the right SEO keywords, it’s an excellent 101 piece for newbies and apartment-dwellers alike.

This product review for Elevays solves the audience’s question, provides actionable advice, and incorporates SEO keywords to bring more readers into the blog.

I love creating how-to articles, such as this one for Mirabile MD, that answers a common question people have about skincare and leads readers directly to the services they may enjoy.

As a regular staff writer for Garden and Happy, I pitched and wrote blogs on eco-friendly gardening, houseplants, and growing food in small spaces.

I enhanced audience engagement on an up-and-coming site called AmReading that had a daily average of 150 views at the time, gaining over 20k views on a single article in 48 hours by convincing Chuck Palahniuk to share the article with his social media following.

While working as an editor for Verywell Health, I helped the commerce team produce many product reviews and best-of lists by using my industry knowledge to provide crucial insights on the products.

My revised and edited content is designed to increase traffic and incorporate highly targeted keywords (SEO). This Ultrasound Technician School page increased by 11% and reached Google search snippet status.


My work often extends into revising content for entire websites, like this full copyedit I completed for Spruce‘s website renovation to ensure quality assurance.

I also develop tone of voice guides for online brands like Humantold, where tone is especially crucial. The TOV guide ensures the brand message always aligns with their values. From there, I use the new TOV to deep dive into a website and revise any text that no longer fits.

When I started BeWrit, I wrote all the website content, including landing pages, ads, blogs, and how-to guides. Today, I manage a small team of writers to keep the content flowing. My work includes strategizing and creating article outlines, conducting SEO keyword research, coaching writers and providing actionable feedback, and of course, scheduling and editing articles prior to publication.

The health and wellness site leans into sustainability and lifestyle, so I had the opportunity to merge my SEO knowledge in multiple industries and drive 5.7k unique visitors from Google to the blog per year, resulting in a total of 7k pageviews.

While I often edit website content, projects like Custom Health Centers involve revising an in-depth guide book to match the site’s immense well of information—creating a seamless transition for new users to become acquainted with the weight loss program and health information.

I copyedited the entire website for Breakthrough (formerly Defy Colorado) to keep the focus on their fantastic cause instead of typos.

Social Media

The pinned Tweet above sends consistent, regular traffic to a BeWrit landing page. I conceptualized and designed both the social ad and landing page to target new authors and gain more newsletter subscribers.

Some of the social media posts I have written involve highlighting brand members or partnerships to build organic traffic, grow subscribers, and increase sign-ups, such as this Instagram post for Carbon Forest.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for connecting a brand with their online community and opening up dialogue, like this post I created for Humantold.

As this Instagram post for Humantold shows, the right quote from the right person at the right time—that’s results.

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