editing services

Editing Services

As a freelance editor, my previous experience includes:

  • Book editing services
  • Resume editing services
  • Essay editing service
  • Dissertation editing services
  • Paper editing services
  • Copy editing services

Today, I mainly help authors and self-publishers polish a manuscript before publication. Learn how I can help your book shine below.

Prices vary based on project and word count, as some copy requires more time.



Research your document to ensure there are no glaring errors before publication. Fact-checking will ensure your content is reliable and accurate every time, which is important in the world of fake news.


$0.02/word or $30/hour

Perfect when you just need a quick review. Proofreading services take place after the document has been fully edited and formatted, ensuring there are no errors. This service will review basic errors and typos.


$0.03-$0.04/word or $40/hour

Copyediting services are a little more in-depth. This service covers basic editing for spelling, punctuation, and grammar plus style and consistency. This includes making sure names, locations, dates, and other style formats are accurate.

Line Editing

$0.05-$0.09/word or $60/hour

Edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling as well as flow, fiction, syntax, readability, and awkward phrasing. Minor rewriting and restructuring are also included in this option, and feedback on issues that may affect your book or document’s quality comes along with every page.

Developmental Editing

$0.07-$0.12/word or $75/hour

Rigorous editing in all areas as well as rewriting, ghostwriting, or restructuring to help fix serious issues. With this service, you receive everything the previous editing services offer — only with much more specialized care and assistance.



I can format your eBook for either Amazon or Print-on-demand (POD), and you can add on your required copyright and ISBN number easily during this process for an added price.


$1/1,000 words ($0.01/word)

Unlike an editor, a beta reader dives into your manuscript right before publishing (or the pre-release) to provide feedback on your book.