writing coach services

Writing Coach Services

Do you consider yourself a new writer or an aspiring author? Are you self publishing your book for the first time? Need more assistance than basic proofreading?

Writing coach services may help. 

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages combine editing services with helpful advice and writing craft tips for a complete hybrid, self-publishing, or traditional publishing experience.

Each package is designed to help complete your project faster, saving you time and even more money!

Sign up for a coaching package to save big (versus paying an hourly coaching rate). Prices vary based on your project’s needs.

*Note: Coaching services are now open for 2022.


Coaching TiersTier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Ultimate VIP
Who’s the package for?For those who only need a minimal double-check before the manuscript is printed and/or slight accountability. For writers with some experience and text that needs more work before printing. For authors who need help throughout the entire writing and publishing process, from beginning to end.
What’s included?A hands-off coaching experience. A 1:1 guide through your writing project.A mentor, teacher, and accountability partner.
Calls1 24
Emails1 check-inWeekly check-insWeekly check-ins
ResourcesUnlimited 24/7 access to resources and worksheetsPersonalized resources and worksheets, delivered biweeklyPersonalized resources and worksheets in your inbox each week
Goal Setting & AccountabilityYes, minimallyYesYes, extensive
HomeworkNoYes, as neededYes
Editing*5 hours of proofreading per week5-10 hours of moderate line editing per week10 hours of extensive developmental editing per week
Review/Critique1 written review2 written reviews, at initial and 2nd edits4 written reviews, at the project milestones
OrganizationNoYes, re-organize small sections as neededYes, extensive
FormattingNoYes, as neededYes, extensive
Marketing, Publishing, or Author Platform AdviceNoYesYes, extensive
Estimated Discount
(vs. hourly rate)

You save $140+

You save $240+

You save $293+
Coaching packages are designed to help you reach your writing goal faster and cheaper than hourly services allow.

Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Let me help you work past whatever baggage is in your way!

Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation today to see if I’m the right writing coach for you.

What’s Included in Coaching?

Everyone in a coaching program receives:

  • Calls: 1:1 calls take place on Zoom via chat, voice, or video chat. You get practical advice to maximize your strengths and address challenges as well as encouragement and honest input. We may share screens, talk strategy, or navigate the complicated publishing industry together.
  • Emails: Check-in emails are perfect for quick encouragement, accountability, or questions.
  • Resources: Free resources are available for everyone in a coaching program. Tier 2 & 3 gain access to personalized resources, where I add insight specific to generate solutions for your project or address your concerns.
  • Community: Each package comes with BeWrit’s Writing Community access for group coaching, support, and random questions.
  • Goal-setting & accountability: Not only do you gain an accountability partner, but I’ll also help you set and track actionable writing goals (long and short-term). My advice may include productivity and time management tricks, personalized to keep your creativity flowing.
  • Homework: Designed for regular motivation and writing craft advice, your homework could look like personalized info and exercise worksheets on dialogue, character development, story flow, etc. Or, homework may include suggestions for recapturing your joy in writing.
  • Editing*: The level of editing you need depends on your writing. Every package obtains final proofreading before publication as well.
  • Review & critique: At major project milestones, you’ll receive a written review and critique on your project’s progress. This is when we’ll assess and make any necessary changes to your action plan.
  • Fact-check: Before you submit your work, the final editing stages should include a fact-check to ensure all quotes or information is correct.
  • Organization: Editing sometimes requires re-organization, where I move paragraphs and sentences around to help the story in terms of flow or comprehension.
  • Formatting: Whether you publish in print or e-formats, your manuscript must be formatted before publication. I might remove line breaks and extra spaces, or re-arrange centered blocks of text.
  • Marketing, Publishing, or Author Platform advice: After you write a book, you need to think about sales. I help you get ready for the publishing process, offer social media advice to market your book, and help you create an author platform to get your book in front of readers. I’ll even suggest agents and publishers, depending on your book.

Package Payment Options

Pay for your coaching membership one of two ways:

  • One-time, upfront payment: A single payment due on the 1st of every month. This option includes the most discounted rates.
  • Two payments: Break up your payment with smaller, biweekly payments due on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Or, payments are due by the invoice deadline.

Add-On Services

Publishing extras include:

  • Cover design: I partner with a professional graphic designer (who is also my husband), Eric Haines. He is beyond talented.
  • Copyright: I can obtain a copyright for your book, but you cover the price. Electronic registration is $55, while the filing fee for a single work from one author is $35.
  • Images: Any images, including stock content, may cost extra.
  • Ghostwriting: Rewriting or writing in small sections or extensively filling in scenes starts at an extra $1/word, depending on your needs.

Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Prices starting at $70/hour

Need help working on your WIP? A writing coach encourages and provides assistance throughout the entire process. Think of me as your creativity catalyst.

How I help your project varies. You might need help with:

  • Accountability
  • Creating set goals and deadlines for yourself
  • Story development
  • Character development
  • Dialogue flow
  • Concept and structure work
  • Formatting logistics
  • Finding an agent or publisher
  • Research on books similar to your idea
  • Putting together a book proposal
  • Building an author/book platform
  • Developing a promotion plan for success
  • Challenges/roadblocks you’re facing
  • Feedback and pep talks
  • Or just advice!

All writers gain free information and blog articles from You also receive exclusive access to PDF worksheets I put together for my clients. 

Each week, you could sign up for a 1-hour video or phone chat to discuss your project. You may also receive emails or quick check-ins from me. 

We can talk about anything concerning your writing, from figuring out if self-publishing vs. traditional publishing is best for your book to the perfect website copy for your project. Feel free to vent about your fears and concerns if that’s what you need. 

I also offer ongoing memberships, which save you money if you’re committed to a long-term project.

Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation today to see if I’m the right writing coach for you. 

What Type of Books Do You Work On?

My experience includes short stories, picture books (for children and adults), as well as non-fiction and fiction books. All my work centers around life stories.

Genre-wise, I have experience in:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Self-help & Self-improvement
  • Writing & Publishing
  • Short Story
  • Picture Books
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery & Crime
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Thriller & Suspense
  • Biographies & Memoirs
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Home & Garden
  • Nature
  • New Age
  • Coming of Age
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Chick Lit

*Editing is not always included in writing coach services. If you’re interested in a full critique or editing services paired with coaching, check out my coaching package options above. Explore my editing services for more pricing info. 

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