9 Easy Morning Habits That Will Help You Write More

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Creative people love to wait until inspiration strikes. The problem is that no one really knows when this whim will take hold.  You may have felt this way before, waiting for the right moment to start your book, thinking that maybe next year you will have the skill and knowledge to know what to do with this great idea you have.  Yet, you never get to it.  The only way to truly write is to get the words down on the page. You can edit and change them later, but without the words, you have nothing.  So, Continue Reading

What Nature Does to Unlock Secret Creativity

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Creative types need a constant well of inspiration and motivation to pull from. Staying in the best frame of mind to work at your top performance ends up becoming work in and of itself.  To keep your creative juices flowing, even when the infamous writer's block kicks in, habits need to be formed and cultivated to help you steadily replenish your ideas. This will help you write more, stay productive, and keep from burning out and rebelling against writing altogether.  Even if you're not a writer Continue Reading

11 Tips for the Best Self Care Sunday

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A day of rest and relaxation, Sunday is your perfect opportunity to practice self-care. Self-care Sundays show you how to put yourself first and start your week on the right foot.  You're busy and you deserve (no, you need) a chance to recharge -- mind, body, and soul. Otherwise, you're making a vain attempt to pour from an empty pitcher. You have to take care of yourself and your needs first.   I learned this firsthand when I started freelancing. I was working to build a business and Continue Reading

10 Tried and True Ways to Double Your Writing

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Write more with less willpower.   Just sit down and write. It sounds so easy, but many things in the life of an adult are easier said than done. And maybe they are.    When it comes to writing, the fact of the matter is that you just have to write. Writing cures writer's block, after all. But it seems to me like there are other tricks, hacks if you will, that help me get into the writing spirit. Everyone works differently, and not every tip will work for every person, so it's important Continue Reading

14 Easy Ways to Read More Books

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Whether you already read daily or not, reading more books can be easy with the right techniques at the right time. Not every option works for every person every time, so it's important to try out different things from time to time. This is particularly helpful if you have trouble meeting your reading goals.    Readers can't get enough reading time whereas many others say they want to read, but they fail to find the time in their busy schedules to take in much more than a flood of email.    The Continue Reading