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3 Sexy Bedroom Hacks Every Creative Couple Needs

Get your head out of the gutter! Creative is the new sexy, and one of the easiest ways to live a happier existence is to ensure your home is a reflection of your needs, hopes, and dreams.

You want your home to be a reflection of you, a place where you not only feel utterly comfortable but like you're also untouchable. Your bedroom, as an extension of your home, needs to offer relaxation as well.

Your Bedroom Needs to Make You Feel

Some creative people see their room as a getaway from the real world, a place where they can simply be. Some find inspiration and drive by waking up each day in their awe-inspiring spaces, and others enjoy a more minimalistic approach to promote calm. 

Whatever your decorating preferences, your bedroom and the things you keep inside can aid better sleep, boost happiness, and send your creative motivation buzzing. 

But not only do you want a bedroom that helps you relax and sleep better, as a creative couple, you need to feel sexy from time to time. Your room needs to promote comfort, inspiration, and tingly feelings all around. 

The fall season specifically plays a huge roll in this phenomenon. It offers everything most creative couples need to fully take advantage of these benefits while feeling sexy enough to connect on a whole new level. 

How Fall Helps Creative Couples Feel Sexy

Fall winds breeze in with smells of campfires and freshly cut leaves hanging in the fresh air. The aroma brings with it a feeling of relief that the heat is finally over. Thoughts drift to cuddling by the fire with loved ones, sipping hot chocolate and laughing together. 

The best fall past times for many people are built on remembering these aromas, as smell triggers happy memories

For creative types, fall may be the perfect season to really build up happy, sexy memories that can be used later for creative motivation. Imagine cuddling by the fireplace with your partner, telling them about your next big idea and hearing their thoughts. Laughing and brainstorming together as you curl up in a nice blanket, wrapping closer into each other for warmth.

Some writers even claim to feel or know how to become more productive and motivated during the fall. Whether this is a direct reflection of NaNoWriMo or not is yet to be determined, but how can you scientifically gage a feeling like sexiness promoting writing motivation? 

We know that sex makes us happier, more productive, and healthier both mentally and physically

So, why shouldn't fall be the perfect time to spice up your bedroom?

Let's face it. This may not apply to you at all. You may enjoy the smells of winter or spring better. Summer may be your most productive time. None of this might make you, as a creative type, feel sexy at all if you hate Autumn.

However, fall offers something special that I argue the other seasons do not: coziness.

Cozy Equals Sexy in Autumn

During autumn, you can cozy up in an oversized sweater and cuddle with your partner without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. You can sit outside and take in nature for a longer period of time without the elements taking over your comfort (which I realize may be obsolete if you live in a place where the seasons don't change much. I grew up in the Midwest).

Fall offers the ability to enjoy nature and get close with your partner, allowing you to feel sexy in a way other seasons don't. 

Use these feelings -- from creative and motivated to sexy and cozy -- as a well, where you can store up good memories and feelings of happiness. Replay sexy memories where you've been close with your partner and utterly vulnerable, yet cozy. Remember what you love about the season changes, what you love about nature, and store how you feel for future creative juice. 

How You Can Make Your Bedroom Sexier This Fall

If you really want to spice up your bedroom, here are the three sexy bedroom hacks, three things you need to make sure you have in your room before the season changes and the leaves begin to fall.

Fully take advantage of this time of year, and you may just see some changes in your overall happiness and creativity as well. You can use these things to help, from setting the right mood to inspiring creative feelings. 

These three things are perfect for Autumn weather. They can help you cozy up with the person you love and inspire creative couples for many months to come. 

*This post contains affiliate links. This means I make a small percentage of anything you buy through my link in exchange for my recommendation. However, I only recommend the products I truly enjoy, so not all links are necessarily affiliates. 

1. Houseplants

best houseplant for bedroom
Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

Plants probably weren't exactly what you had in mind when you thought sexy, but when placed in the right rooms around your home, plants can make a stunning difference in your mood. If you already know how nature can fuel creativity, you may not be surprised to hear that creative couples can benefit from placing some houseplants in the bedroom. 

You can be like me and choose to grow one of the easiest bedroom plants to keep alive: a peace lily.  Peace lilies purify the air, and the best part is that they need little sunlight and you can visibly tell when they need to be watered. Or you could grow sweet basil, which is known as the symbol of love in Italy

2. Scented Candles

fall scented candles

The fall-scented candles begin coming out around this time of year everywhere, and now is the time to stock up. Candles in the bedroom offer you a range of helpful options to set the mood, from aromatherapy to mood lighting. 

Pick a scent you and your partner both enjoy, perhaps one that has a happy or sexy memory tied to it. Bath and Body Works released a fall-line 3-wick candle called Flannel that I absolutely adore, or you could even learn to make your own candlesticks

3. Soft, Fuzzy Blankets

best fall blanket 2018

As the weather begins to change and become colder by the day, blankets offer you a chance to stay comfy and cozy up with your love. Soft, fuzzy blankets from Target are the absolute best if you're looking for the perfect blanket to add to your bedroom.

In fact, I named fuzzy blankets as one of the 17 things I was thankful for in 2017 for multiple good reasons. They're hands down the best affordable blanket you could own. 

Are you a part of a creative couple? Do you think any of these things will help you feel more creative, happier, and healthier? Will any of these items spice up your bedroom this fall? 

Let me know what you think and which items you've tried in the comments below.