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10 Tried and True Ways to Double Your Writing

Write more with less willpower.

Just sit down and write. It sounds so easy, but many things in the life of an adult are easier said than done. And maybe they are.

When it comes to writing, the fact of the matter is that you just have to write. Writing cures writer's block, after all. But it seems to me like there are other tricks, hacks if you will, that help me get into the writing spirit.

Everyone works differently, and not every tip will work for every person, so it's important to try out different writing techniques to fuel your creativity, feed your soul, and keep you producing magical content. That's what I need anyway, and if you need it too, you're in the right place.

Here are 10 tried and true ways to double your writing, no matter why you're writing:

1. Think of your writing time as a treat

For your sanity, your livelihood, or your hobby, think of writing as a pleasure or fun treat to help motivate you to write. Focus on this each morning and trick your brain into thinking you're having just having fun, then turn your "fun time" writing into something you can sell, like a blog article or a children's book.

2. Write first thing in the morning

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Set a word count to reach and begin writing as soon as you sit down at your desk each morning. You'll feel more productive and get your daily word count out of the way. Don't even connect to the internet, just open a Word doc and write.

3. Break up the process into smaller chunks

In small time slots, whether a half hour or 15 minutes, you can research a fact, proofread a couple pages, or write a 250-word article. If writing in large chunks of time is hard for you, focusing on the tasks that you normally procrastinate in smaller slots of time could help you get through the writing process quicker. Instead of writing for 2 hours, try 15 minutes here and there throughout the day.

4. Find tasks to complete without technology

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Tasks you can complete without using your computer allows you to work on-the-go. As a busy writer, this is one of my most helpful tactics to write more. Ideas often strike while I'm on the move, at the park, walking my dog, admiring shelves at the public library, etc. The world is inspiring and I need to jot down my ideas, so an excess of pens and notebooks are jammed in my purse and every room of my apartment.

5. Try 'Write or Die'

This free online program is as intense as it sounds. You simply set a timer and word-count goal, and the program distributes consequences if you stop writing. Don't sit too long or Write or Die will delete your work with no way for you to recover your words. If you need serious motivation on a regular basis, pay a small fee to download the app.

6. Delegate procrastinated and boring non-writing-related tasks

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Proofreading, editing, keyword research, marketing, or even household chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, and cleaning can all be delegated to someone else -- if you can afford the price. If money is an issue, can a nearby university set you up with an intern? Can your kids chip in more on housework to allow you time to write? Where there's a will, there's a way.

7. Daydream often and fondly

Allow yourself the time you need each week to let your mind wander. Find the place you like to go to daydream and take a notebook or use the Google Docs app on your phone to take notes. Don't worry about sounding silly. Let your imagination run wild! I like to go sit outside the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art on warm, sunny days. It's near my apartment, and the sculpture garden inspires me to imagine the impossible.

8. Bribe yourself

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Give yourself a daily goal that you can track and treat yourself when you reach your goal. Say, for example, you decide to write 2,000 words per day. If you reach 2,000 words, you can then have a glass of wine, check Facebook, or play a game. Think of this reward system as a healthy treat, something you enjoy. After I am completely brain dead and think I can't write anymore, I go for a long walk with my dog before I take a hot shower.

9. Turn your life into a story

Need to research something for your business, side-hustle, dog training process, or even love life? Turn what you learn in your personal life into a post for your blog or a story. Before you know it, your life is work. However, if you love your life, you'll love your work.

10. Find some outter accountability

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For some people, a writing partner or writing coach is beneficial. These are pros who will check in with you to ask how many words you completed and keep your motivated.

Some people find they are motivated to complete more tasks when they feel someone else is holding them accountable for doing so or monitoring their progress. The very idea of telling someone that you slacked off and only wrote 50 words is enough of a turn off that you may find yourself writing way more than usual simply because you know you'll need to check in later.

Is there someone in your life you want to spend more time with who also has an interest in writing? Perhaps someone that you could collaborate with?

If not, I offer writing coach services. A writing coach encourages and provides assistance throughout the entire project. Think of me as your creativity catalyst.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me today to see if I’m the right writing coach for you.

Share Your Thoughts and Experiences

Which hack helps you write faster? Tell me what you've tried and how it worked for you. I love to try new techniques and would love to hear how you managed to write faster.