As a writer and editor for hire, I’m experienced in a wide range of services. Below, you’ll find services and pricing information for:

  • Self-publishing books
  • Fact-checking & researching
  • Editing novels, poetry, personal essays, research papers/dissertations, and blog text
  • Copyediting newsletters, web copy, ads, whitepapers, case studies, cover letters, & resumes
  • Writing journalistic investigation pieces, magazine features, long and short-form articles, eBooks, and book reviews
  • Ghostwriting blogs and eBooks

Hybrid Publishing Packages

Are you self publishing your book for the first time? Need more help than proofreading?

Combine two or more services for a complete hybrid or self-publishing experience. Prices vary based on your needs.

  Tier 1 – Basic Tier 2 – Mid Tier 3 – Extensive
What’s Included?


(see detailed descriptions below)

  • Proofreading
  • Fact-checking
  • Feedback
  • Line editing + final proofread
  • Fact-checking
  • Re-organizing small sections
  • Developmental editing + final proofread
  • Ghostwriting/rewriting small sections
  • Fact-checking
  • Formatting
Hourly Price $30 $40 $50








Don’t see the service you need? Add-ons are listed below.

Add-Ons for Hybrid Publishing Services

Sometimes you need more help. Self-publishing extras come with additional prices.

Services include:

  • Cover design – I partner with a professional graphic designer (who is also my husband), Eric Haines. He is beyond talented.
  • Copyright – I can obtain a copyright for your book, but you’ll have to cover the price. Electronic registration is $55, while the filing fee for a single work from one author is $35.
  • Images – Any other images, including stock content, may cost extra.
  • Ghostwriting – Rewriting or writing in small sections, extensively filling in scenes, or full-on writing starts at an extra $0.30/word, depending on your needs.

Editing Services

Prices vary based on project and word count. Because some copy requires more work than others, the following services will determine the starting price.

Fact checking


Research your document to ensure there are no glaring errors before publication. Fact checking will ensure your content is reliable and accurate every time, which is important in the world of fake news.


$0.02/word or $30/hour

Perfect when you just need a quick review. Proofreading services take place after the document has been fully edited and formatted, ensuring there are no errors. This service will review basic errors and typos.


$0.03-$0.04/word or $40/hour

Copyediting services are a little more in-depth. This service covers basic editing for spelling, punctuation, and grammar plus style and consistency. This includes making sure names, locations, dates, and other style formats are accurate.

Line editing

$0.05-$0.09/word or $55/hour

Edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling as well as flow, fiction, syntax, readability and awkward phrasing. Minor rewriting and restructuring are also included in this option, and feedback on issues that may affect your book or document’s quality comes along with every page.

Developmental editing

$0.07-$0.12/word or $65/hour

Rigorous editing in all areas as well as rewriting, ghostwriting, or restructuring to help fix serious issues. With this service, you receive everything the previous editing services offer — only with much more specialized care and assistance.



I can format your eBook for either Amazon of Print-on-demand (POD), and you can add on your required copyright and ISBN number easily during this process for an added price.

Types of print I have experience editing:

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Ads and web copy
  • SEO content (blogs and articles)
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Research papers, theses, and dissertations
  • Restaurant and bar menus
  • ‘About Us’ pages
  • Book jacket blurbs
  • Self-published eBooks (both self-help and fiction)
  • Instructional manuals
  • Personal essays
  • Magazine features
  • Newspaper editorials

Writing Services

Prices are value-based and start around 5 cents per word.

Every project is different! As such, prices may vary due to the project itself, the amount of time to completion, and the extent of research necessary.

Ghost Writing

Starting at $0.04/word

I write it, you put your name on it. Articles starting at $20 for 500 words, depending on length and project. Prices for eBook ghostwriting start higher, at $0.30/word (see below for more info). 

Newspaper articles

Starting at $0.08/word

Newspaper writing includes creating a well-informed article on the desired topic, 2 interviews, and necessary research. Please note that layout is an additional cost.

Colorado Community articles begin at $60 per article.

Magazine features

Starting at $250/article

Good magazine features focus on engaging issues while informing and persuading readers. They’re meant to influence public opinion, promote critical thinking, and, most importantly, call for action. Articles up to 2,000 words begin at $250.

Content/Blog writing

$60 per article

With technological advances, traditional print newspapers are a thing of the past. Instead, web-based content is designed to streamline information to the masses. Pieces up to 500 words start at $60.

Long-form articles

$60 per blog

Whether your goal is to deliver hot news-worthy topics or form strong customer relationships, entertainment is key. The truth is, people love to read fun posts. These blogs sometimes take on listicle forms (list-based articles or Top 10 lists) and can be used to deliver fun, engaging content to keep your readers entertained. Blogs up to 500 words begin at $60.

eBooks (Ghostwriting)

Starting at $0.30/word or $50/hour

Do you want to self-publish, but you just can’t seem to get the words down right? Or do you need a writer to comb through your story and offer suggestions or put your words into print?

Luckily, I have experience doing both! Prices vary based on the project.

Book reviews

$40 per review (base price), up to 500 words.

Are you a writer too?

Helping fellow writers is one of my favorite parts about the freelance life.

Even though we work alone, we’re never really alone. There’s an entire community of writers to assist your journey, no matter how experienced you are. I spend my down time helping my fellow writers any way I can.

From editing blogs and creative fiction to writing ‘how to’ articles on freelancing, writing, and remaining motivated and productive, I write about my life journey and the things I learn so you don’t have to.

I also offer mentoring services. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

Business Copywriting 

Are you looking for a more professional copy? No problem!

Content, blogs

$60 per blog

Content not only helps your business thrive by enhancing your business’ ability to pop up in search engines, but it also attracts ideal customers to your website and entertains for hours if you maintain and publish fun, shareable content consistently. Posts up to 500 words start at just $60.


Beginning at $250

Email is one of the most easily accessible marketing tools to reach your following and attract potential clients. Without newsletter campaigns, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to gain customer loyalty. Prices start at $250 for long-form monthly newsletters containing up to 2,000 words (layout and sending newsletter contain an additional cost).

Regular e-letters

$75 per e-letter

Sending short snippets of information about your business, from updates on new products, services, or posts to contests and giveaways, straight to your subscriber’s inbox will keep your clients engaged with your brand. Prices start at $75 for monthly newsletters containing up to 750 words.

Advertising copy

Beginning at $100 per page.

Product descriptions & Catalog descriptions

Starting at $60 per 500 words.

To contact Brit, just send an email to or use the form below to find out how she can help your writing or editing needs.