How to Create Inspiration Wherever You Are

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Inspiration doesn't strike when you want. You have to create it. Everyone feels stuck, unmotivated, or uninspired at some point. At the beginning of a new project, you might cruise through your to-do list. But as the days wear on, most people hit roadblocks. The most common roadblocks for writers happen for varying reasons, like writer's block or impostor syndrome. Whatever your issue, getting back into the zone is your best way to refuel your creativity. In this post, I'll show you my top ten tips to get inspired. Try each or use a combination of your favorite methods to create inspiration anywhere. Continue Reading

10 Ideas on What to Write About

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As a writer, coming up with material is a challenge. You want your work to progress, to remain challenging and exciting, but readers won't always enjoy your ideas. Not all ideas are gold. Luckily, famous authors deal with the same challenges and have offered excellent advice on the subject for their aspiring counterparts. In this post, we'll talk about ten ideas you can use when you're not sure what to write. If you're feeling blocked, the following tips from inspirational authors may help your Continue Reading

27 Uplifting Life Quotes To Celebrate Emma Watson’s Birthday

Today (April 15th) is the 27th birthday of beloved actress, model, and activist Emma Watson. Born on Easter Sunday (1990) in Paris, France, Watson was raised in England before taking on her memorable role of Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films at the young age of 10. 
While the star has since moved on from the Harry Potter franchise to build her own career, this boss lady has become a role model around the globe. She also happens to have made a number of inspirational and uplifting statements Continue Reading