Brit Haines is a professional freelance writer and editor living in Kansas City. She has a BA in English Language and Rhetoric from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and because the writing craft continually grows, she still spends each day learning to hone the craft.

A book glue to her hand, Brit read at inappropriate times as a kid. She stayed up all night with both flashlight and novel tucked under the covers and sneakily hid books under her desk during math class. Today, she carries books in her purse, along with a notebook, pens, and pencils. You know, just in case inspiration strikes.

Today, as a freelance writer and editor, Brit has used her immaculate organizational and multi-tasking skills to successfully manage multiple projects at once, never once missing a deadline. Being able to focus throughout the noisiest of situations makes working remotely perfect.

She has experience working as a journalist, a creative and memoir writer, and a blogger/content writer. She has edited newspapers, research papers, manuals, novels and eBooks, bios, B2B and B2C content, and other copy.

Hell, she even tutored English spelling and vocabulary enrichment classes at a local learning center. 

But, for her, the best part of her job is the ability to research and constantly learn new things while having the opportunity to share the life lessons she’s learned along the way for the benefit (and entertainment) of writers in need.

In life, we’re all learning a little bit every day. There will forever be new obstacles to overcome, new skills to learn, and new methods to complete tasks faster. It never stops. 

And that’s the beauty of life: we’re always learning.

Brit writes about the journey. The writer’s life, what it means to truly be writ. 



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