Maybe I’m a total book nerd (books are only the best things on the planet, after all), but I wholeheartedly believe that books help people through troubling times. 

Books offer guidance, advice, and shed light and insight on everyday life, on a wide range of topics. They guide us through and allow us a place to escape to when life is too hard, a place where we can find answers. 

And while not all books are worth the read, I believe that there is a book out there for everyone. You’re just not looking in the right spot yet.

The point is, we’re all here to learn how to make life a little easier, striving to manage our time, learn all we can, and not waste a second. 

No matter what your 2017 goals may be — whether you’re hoping to become more productive, stay motivated, strengthen your creativity, start a business, or simply need a little inspiration — you can find what you’re looking for within the pages of these books. 

[Oh, and to be completely honest, these are affiliate links. This means I make a very small share from each book sold through clicking on my links.]

Each book has been handpicked by yours truly to ensure they’re read-worthy. I’ve already spent the time reading, and I’d love to share my favorite picks.

Simply click the image or book title to purchase your own copy or check out reviews and ratings.  

Happy Reading!


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