10 Ideas on What to Write About

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As a writer, coming up with material is a challenge. You want your work to progress, to remain challenging and exciting, but readers won't always enjoy your ideas. Not all ideas are gold. Luckily, famous authors deal with the same challenges and have offered excellent advice on the subject for their aspiring counterparts. In this post, we'll talk about ten ideas you can use when you're not sure what to write. If you're feeling blocked, the following tips from inspirational authors may help your Continue Reading

35 Best Author Quotes of All Time

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As a writer, you have a love for the English language and the way other writers play with words, molding them into beautiful and inspirational phrases or descriptions that you can't get out of your head.

Some words stick with you, even for years.

I know I enjoy a good quote, and meaningful author quotes have a way of giving me a boost. Whether writer's block has kicked in or I'm feeling a bit of imposter syndrome (which is real for all writers and most creative types in general), the best quotes stand out and work their way into my life.

If you've ever kept a commonplace book, you know all about how you can copy down your favorite quotes from famous authors to use as inspiration later. They carry many other benefits as well, as I've learned first hand. Continue Reading

How to Store Inspiration for a Rainy Day

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When a rainy day hits, I normally want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Others feel stuck, couped up inside. The rain tends to make people feel sleepy, and the weather screams "take a nap" into the core of your soul.

But when the rainy days come where your creative well seems to dry up, may writers simply wait for inspiration to strike. You might watch the clock tick by, procrastinate and scroll through social media, or twiddle your thumbs. Hope will wash over you, wishing you had some creative inspiration or a muse to help you get over this writer's block.

There's a better way. Continue Reading

What Nature Does to Unlock Secret Creativity

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Creative types need a constant well of inspiration and motivation to pull from. Staying in the best frame of mind to work at your top performance ends up becoming work in and of itself.

To keep your creative juices flowing, even when the infamous writer's block kicks in, habits need to be formed and cultivated to help you steadily replenish your ideas. This will help you write more, stay productive, and keep from burning out and rebelling against writing altogether.

Even if you're not a writer or in a creative profession, nature unlocks creativity that you may not even realize you possess. Here's more about what nature can do to help you become more creative, harvest imagination daily, and live a happier, less stressed exsistance. Continue Reading

15 Tips You Need To Declutter Your Home

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Mess causes stress, and studies show that cleaning alone reduces stress levels. A clean home can even improve eating and exercise habits while boosting your happiness. 
In a study published by the University of California, a messy home was proven to interfere with the body's de-stress hormone, cortisol's, levels simply because the thought of cleaning up stresses people out even if they don't plant to actually clean up.
In an effort to live happier and healthier, I decided that since much of my Continue Reading