Defeat Impostor Syndrome with These 9 Reframing Techniques

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"Who am I to share my writing with the world?" you may ask. "I'm not Stephen King or any of these other famous writers. What do I have to offer the world?" If this sounds like you, you're probably suffering from impostor syndrome. Don't worry. I have too. Impostor syndrome affects people in various professions, from athletics to music, and more. The syndrome doesn't only happen to creative people, but they do all seem to be in the process of striving toward something new and better. It's Continue Reading

10 Ideas on What to Write About

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As a writer, coming up with material is a challenge. You want your work to progress, to remain challenging and exciting, but readers won't always enjoy your ideas. Not all ideas are gold. Luckily, famous authors deal with the same challenges and have offered excellent advice on the subject for their aspiring counterparts. In this post, we'll talk about ten ideas you can use when you're not sure what to write. If you're feeling blocked, the following tips from inspirational authors may help your Continue Reading

35 Best Author Quotes of All Time

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As a writer, you have a love for the English language and the way other writers play with words, molding them into beautiful and inspirational phrases or descriptions that you can't get out of your head. 
Some words stick with you, even for years. 
I know I enjoy a good quote, and meaningful author quotes have a way of giving me a boost. Whether writer's block has kicked in or I'm feeling a bit of imposter syndrome (which is real for all writers and most creative types in general), the best quotes Continue Reading